I recently had the need to reset my Endian Firewall Admin ‘admin’ password via SSH/Console. I believe the reasoning for this was due to the following bug:


In case the bug does not apply to you, or you’re just too lazy to visit, here’s what you need to do.

1. Login via SSH or Locally at the console.

2. Type the following:
htpasswd -m /var/efw/auth/users admin

3. At the Password prompt, type in your new password, retype your password and you’re done!

4. Login to the Endian Firewall Web Administration with your new password

5. Fixed!

Why does this happen?

Well the short of it (from the bug report) is that resetting the password  with a password that contains the ‘$’ symbol or ‘%’ symbol, via the Web Administration interface, well it breaks 🙁 There is a solution to the problem on the page at the link above if you’re into hacking files and things 😉 It’s actually quite simple.

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