Setting up Hyper-V Replica on Windows 2012 in Workgroup Mode Using SSL Certificates

This guide is specifically for setting up Hyper-V Replica between two Windows 2012 (not Windows 2012 R2) servers in Workgroup mode (not joined to a domain) using SSL/HTTPS over port 443 (not PLAIN/HTTP over port 80) and focuses on the configuration of the SSL certificates. Note:┬áPrimaryServer is the server with the VM that we want […]

OS X 10.9 Mavericks on a Toshiba C665 (PSC55A)

Over the past three weeks, I have spent considerable time trying to get Apple’s latest Mac OS X offering (Mavericks) working on non-apple hardware. Mainly because Apple had released it for free (are you coming to the show, Microsoft?) and my old Snow Leopard OS X computer was starting to get… well, long in the […]

Windows Phone 8 WordPress App Media Upload Error

A little while ago I purchased a Nokia Lumia 920 with Windows Phone 8 (currently the Amber release). The phone itself is great, but I had a problem with the Windows Phone WordPress app, it wouldn’t upload or post any content that contained an image. Phone: Nokia Lumia 920 OS: Windows Phone 8 (amber – […]

SkyDrive Pro Critical Error

I recently started receiving the following error from SkyDrive Pro (not to be confused with the Free ‘SkyDrive’) after changing some hardware in my computer. I have Windows 8 Professional 64bit with Office 2013 Professional Plus. This solution will also work for users of Office365 [SkyDrive Pro Critical Error] SkyDrive Pro needs to close becuase […]