Command and Conquer Windows Edition Over TCP / IP

Right Here Solider

Secure Email

I have finally figured out how to get the secure email software running correctly. As in encrypting and decrypting emails by single users etc. Anyways, I have posted a new copy of my resume on my about page as well as a word document for the rest of you so inclined to have a file […]

Knoppix Saves the Day

Well the evening actually While at work today, I booted up my laptop and walked away. Unfortunately I missed the grub loader (only has like 3 seconds) and linux started to boot up. Why is this an issue you ask? Well while I am at work, it is easier for me to work in Windows, […]

Fedora Core 4 Multimedia Support

The Enhancement Guide – Part 1 I have since completed the first part of my Fedora Core Enhancement Guide Replacement (previously known as FC4 Multimedia Support). This is not the official guide that I am still working on, rather it is a replacement guide to keep you all functioning and working in the mean time. […]