Oh no! Your Motorola Xoom is Bricked (or is it)

You’ve tried everything you can think of. Hard reset, soft reset, factory reset, factory restore, factory wipe and erase. Nothing works! I thought that too!

Please read this entire article before trying anything!

So long as you can still reach the ‘Starting Fastboot Protocol Support’, by powering the device on (or resetting with Power + Volume Up) while holding the power and volume down button, you are probably not in as much trouble as you may think.

Visit this link and download the zip file:

(leave me a comment if the file is unavailable, I’ll upload a copy to this website)

Extract it to your C: drive, so the contents exist in:


Visit this link:


Read this article for more information about the bundles.

Download the corrosponding bundle version for your location or region. I’m in Australia, so I downloaded the ‘Build H.6.1-38-9 for Telstra Australia’ bundle. Take a few moments to peruse the list, it’s a little confusing and I almost downloaded the wrong one. Make sure you download the right one. I’ve no idea what happens if you restore with the wrong files.

You’ll have to register to download the files. It’s free, which is not bad for something that is about to bring your Motorola Xoom back to life đŸ™‚

Extract the archive and dump all the files directly into the C:SDK_tools directory.

Your directory listing should look something like this:


Depending on the amount of damage you’ve done to your Motorola Xoom, you may or may not need to do all of the following commands:

fastboot flash boot boot.img
fastboot flash system system.img
fastboot flash recovery recovery.img
fastboot flash userdata userdata.img
fastboot erase cache
fastboot oem lock

Note 1. If you intend to root or otherwise modify the OS in the near or far future, skip the last command (fastboot oem lock).

Note 2. If no userdata.img file is present in your download, please issue the command:

fastboot erase userdata

I only managed to screw up my boot partition (I think) as I only needed to excute the first command. Try them one at a time and reboot the Motorola Xoom. Give it time to come back to life before re-entering ‘Starting Fastboot Protocol Support’ again. When I say give it some time, I mean wait at least 5 minutes.

Note: you can unlock your Motorola Xoom with the following command:

fastboot oem unlock.

As for rooting the device… well I’m sure that’s the reason some of you are here! Do some more research before attempting it again, I know I did!

20 Thoughts on “Motorola Xoom Final Rescue!

  1. wow you saved my ass. thanks my friend…

  2. you are genius brother u have saved me i was so scared, i am in australia
    thanks a lot
    i wasted whole weekend fixing my xoom
    god bless you brother…..

  3. Hey guys, for some reason, my xoom will not post anything inside of the system. I've tried maybe 3 or 4 different methods, and no matter what i do, flashing system.img does not work.

    With this method, it lets me flash boot.img, but then will not let me flash system.img at all. I get a kickback "sending 'system' FAILED". Am I screwed?

    • Hi James,

      Which bundle are you attempting to restore? Also, have you tried rebooting your computer or killing the 'adb.exe' process and starting again? I found that after leaving 'adb' running for a long time or using it too much, it would start to fail, and I thought my xoom was doomed! I realised that if I just kill the process or reboot the computer (killing the process is probably enough) I was able to continue on.

      Also, while you are trying to restore, what are you seeing on your xoom screen?

  4. Perfecto, muchas gracias, lo dañe tratando de habilitar el puerto usb como host, esto es posible hacerlo?

  5. thank you very much !!!!!

  6. you are the gratest!!!! from Israel

  7. You saved my device – I was about to return it back to Motorola. Thanks brother!

  8. Hi, I have followed your instructions but it seems like the bootloader is not loading… it stucks with the waitingfor device message. It seemslike a driver issue.

    I've tried the moto drivers from http://developer.motorola.com/tools/usb_drivers/h


    but nothing happens… any advice on that?


  9. Hi, could you possibly elaborate what each fastboot option does? My Xoom is not loading and it drives me crazy, but I really won't to keep my data intact, so I don't want to try anything that would do a Factory Reset. So shout I understand that doing:
    astboot flash boot boot.img
    fastboot flash system system.img
    fastboot flash recovery recovery.img
    won't delete my user data? It's an application data, actually. Supernote to be precise, and it's very important to me. Thanks for answering.
    Also, do you think the fastboot has an option to work on Linux?

  10. anyone know how to image your userdata [to unerase deleted pictures from camera] w/o going thru all the root trouble?

  11. Thankyou so much….I now have a xoom not a paper weight

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  13. officialninjakrill on 8:50 pm - Wednesday 18 March 2015 at 8:50 pm said:

    Hey Andrew, just wanted to thank you so much for your article. I tried everything and nothing worked except this. Thanks so much!

    By the way, for future brickers, Motorola no longer has the images on their website so I had to search around for them. xda-devs has a thread with all of them here if anyone ever needs them! http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=

  14. it is a great information for MOTOROLA XOOM FINAL RESCUE

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