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I recommend you read through this guide in it’s entirety at least once before proceeding any further on your computer.

Download Paint.NET from this location: and Save it to your desktop.

Paint.Net is built (coded, programmed etc) upon Microsoft’s .Net (pronounced, “DOT Net”) Framework, hence the name “Paint DOT NET”. There are three versions of this framework, 3.0 being the latest version (and largest to download). Paint.NET requires version 2.0 of the .NET Framework to be installed on your PC.

The following instructions assume that you do not have the .NET Framework installed on your computer. Part way through this guide you will be given the option to skip the installation of .NET Framework, should you have it installed on your computer already.

The file you save to your desktop, will be a “zip” file. A zip file compresses the data it contains, to make a small download for you.

You will need to right click this file (right mouse button), and from the context menu (the menu that appears) click “Extract All…” (Left Click).

This will begin the file decompression process, and allow us to begin the installarion of Paint.NET. Follow the wizard through to the Finish, by click the “Next” button at each step. You do not need to make any changes to the wizard.

When the Wizard is Complete, the following Window will appear on your screen.

With the left mouse button, double click (two clicks in rapid succession) the icon called “Paint.NET.3.22.exe”. After a few moments, one of two things will happen.

If you have the .NET Framework already installed and do not see the message below, Click Here. If you do see the message below, please continue reading as you are.

Click the Cancel button and follow (click) This Link. It will open a new Window.

When you see this page: Click the Download button.

Click the Save Button.

Make sure that you have the Desktop selected (on the middle left hand side, middle top), you keep the file name the same (bottom middle) and click the Save button (bottom right). This will save the .NET Framework installation package to your Desktop (it’s 22.4MB).

Double Click the “dotnetfx.exe” icon to begin the installation of the .NET Framework.

Wait for the Wizard to begin, and then follow it through. You can simply click “Next” at each stage. Don’t forget to click the Check Box to Accept the Licence Agreement.

Click Next

Click the check box for “I accept the terms …. ” and click the Install button.

Allow the installation to Complete. This may take a long time. Please be patient and do not click the Cancel Button.

Once setup has completed, Click the Finish Button. Before continuing Further, now is a good time to restart your computer so that the .NET Framework can be loaded fresh into the computers memory.

Once your computer has restarted and you have returned to the Desktop, Double Click the Folder Icon called “Paint.NET.3.22” and then Double Click the Icon called “Paint.NET.3.22.exe”. Instead of the Error message, you should see the following:

To begin the installation of Paint.NET click the Next Button.

Select “I Agree” and click the Next button.

Paint.NET will create a System Restore Point, and the following progress dialogue will appear.

The progress dialogue will disappear and the installation screen will change as follows.

Allow the installation to progress to the finish.

Click the Finish button. Close any Windows or programs you have may have running. On your desktop now, is a new Icon called “Paint.NET”

Double Click the “Paint.NET” icon to start the program!

Remember; I put these links and resources here for your use. So if they are of no use to you, too hard to understand or you feel they are off topic, then please let me know, via any of the communication channels you have with me. I am more then happy to make changes, source better content or even create fresh content from scratch, just for you! You need only ask …. nicely!


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  1. Thank you so much this is exactly what I needed…
    and also, the software is awesome, Easy and Most of all FREE

  2. You are most welcome! Glad that I was able to be of assistance 🙂

  3. Nice tutorial! I love this!!!! ^_^

  4. That’s excellent! I appreciate you taking the time to say thanks!

  5. Okay.. So, I did what you said, and when I tried to extract the files, it said there no files to extract. Any ideas?

  6. Hi Karma,

    Try downloading from a different mirror, it sounds like the zip file you downloaded is either corrupted on the mirror above, or it got damaged while it was downloading to your computer. Have you tried downloading the zip file again?

    Visit this link and choose one of the other mirrors.

    Also, some antivirus and firewall software can prevent access to zip files from unknown sources (such as the internet) which can result in windows or your favorite 'zip' program, reporting that there are no files in the zip file.

  7. Thanks for the help, I'm going to try downloading .NET Framework, I think that's the problem..

  8. Hey i just visited your site for the first time and i really liked it, i bookmarked it and will be back 😀

  9. Thanks a lot: Its a great tip for downloading and installing the, I have also I blog realted to downloads 🙂

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