Installing HyperVM Inside a CentOS/RHEL 5 Xen VM

Prepare a Xen VM with a minimal install of CentOS/RHEL 5 (64bit or 32bit). Make sure you have set your host name and IP Addressing etc. The VM should have internet access (obviously). Install HyperVM following these instructions. Be sure to append [–virtualization-type=openvz] (omit the square brackets) to the install command. At the end of […]

Mounting /tmp and /var/tmp as a separate file system

After installing ConfigServer Security and Firewall, many of us try to achieve as many ‘green’ results as possible. The often tricky one (or two) options to achieve, is mounting /tmp and /var/tmp as ‘separate’ file systems. On a bare metal linux installation (no virtualisation) this is easy to achieve by creating a file system (partition […]

Check for a Process and Start It if It’s Not Started (Linux/Unix)

I came across a conundrum some time ago. I have a CentOS Linux based VPS running a few various different ‘processes’ for different purposes. My problem was that from time to time, these processes would stop or die, for whatever reason. Given that I require absolute uptime from these processes (or at least as close […]