Bioshock on Windows 10

After spending almost three hours trying to get Bioshock (the first game) working on my Windows 10 computer (upgraded from Windows 7), I determined that the issue was related to the initialisation of the audio device (regardless of what the audio device actually is / was). I’ve got a Creative Sound Blaster Audigy sound card, […]

Get Cisco VPN Client Working on Windows 8.1

I recently needed to be able to use the Cisco VPN Client (I’m specifically referring to version:¬† on 32bit Windows and version:¬† on 64bit Windows, although this fix would apply to earlier versions as well) on my Windows 8.1 (32bit Windows) tablet (Acer Iconia), but was not able to connect to my remote VPN endpoint. […]

Setting up Hyper-V Replica on Windows 2012 in Workgroup Mode Using SSL Certificates

This guide is specifically for setting up Hyper-V Replica between two Windows 2012 (not Windows 2012 R2) servers in Workgroup mode (not joined to a domain) using SSL/HTTPS over port 443 (not PLAIN/HTTP over port 80) and focuses on the configuration of the SSL certificates. Note:¬†PrimaryServer is the server with the VM that we want […]

Windows Phone 8 WordPress App Media Upload Error

A little while ago I purchased a Nokia Lumia 920 with Windows Phone 8 (currently the Amber release). The phone itself is great, but I had a problem with the Windows Phone WordPress app, it wouldn’t upload or post any content that contained an image. Phone: Nokia Lumia 920 OS: Windows Phone 8 (amber – […]