Installing Live Communication Server 2005

You can use the following Microsoft Technet Article as a guide for installing Live Communication Server 2005. Remember, that before installing Live Communication Server 2005, you need: At least one server with Windows 2003 & SP1 or Windows 2003 R2 (preferred). Active Directory and DNS. SQL Server 2000 & SP3a (Enterprise or Standard) Install Live […]

Installing Microsoft Exchange 2003

This brief guide assumes that you already have a domain controller configured with DNS, or a domain controller configured and a DNS server configured. If required, you can install Microsoft Exchange 2003 and Active Directory (with DNS) on the same machine. Once you have your server (or servers) prepared, be sure to note down your […]

VMWare Server on CentOS 5

News Flash! -:- Newer Version of This Guide based on CentOS 5.3 (32/64bit) and VMware Server 1.0.9 Available Here So you just installed CentOS 5, as your host operating system for the latest version of VMware Server, 1.0.3. However, tells you it is missing something. What is Well, to keep a long […]

Install Official ATI Radeon Drivers For Mobility Laptops

Tired of putting up with the same 3 – 4 year old ATI OEM graphics drivers that came with your laptop, because your laptop manufacturer has neglected to consider updating the drivers? Just updated your laptop to Windows Vista, and want better graphics functionality then that of the WDDM driver? Well, you have come to […]