RF Online is quite possibly the best MMORPG I have ever played, given that I have only played it for 2 hours so far, and I am already hooked! The music, the beautiful graphics, the story line, the playability, everything, it’s perfect! It even has FMV cut scene footage! Better yet, it is entirely free to play! That’s right! No fees, no credit card required! Entirely free to play forever!

For ages I have been searching for an MMORPG that I could really sink my teeth into, without having to worry about losing money or credit time, because I had to work, and now I have found it! I had found a few before, but the graphics were always clunky, the game play strange, and it just never really stuck with me. RF Online has certainly changed that!

Chrnocat recently began a free Ragnarok Online server, called Pegasus Ragnarok Online. In fact, we are set to have a Ragnarok LAN this weekend! A few of us are meeting up at our place to play together, and the rest play remotely. 10x10x10 stats (at least I hope) so that we can make a good amount of progress over the weekend. Should be good fun!
I wonder if I can convince them all to play RF Online instead? I love this game so much already! I have found my calling!

Tired of putting up with the same 3 – 4 year old ATI OEM graphics drivers that came with your laptop, because your laptop manufacturer has neglected to consider updating the drivers?

Just updated your laptop to Windows Vista, and want better graphics functionality then that of the WDDM driver?

Well, you have come to the right place, well… almost the right place! Check out the link below.


That’s right, Mobility Modder modifies the official drivers and adds additional support for your ATI Mobility graphics device, which would otherwise be unsupported. For more information about how this actually work, please read the full documentation available on the same page.

NOTE: Please follow the guide in the link above exactly to the last letter. If you have Windows Vista, it is easy to get caught up at the “disable UAC (User Access Control)” step. There is a link with instructions on the same page. For your convenience, I have included it here also.