Unlimited Licence for HyperVM

Borrowed straight from here at the time of writing: http://wiki.lxcenter.org/index.php/Main_Page#Set_HyperVM_License_to_Unlimited_usage Useful if you are getting the error message: “The system is not at present working because there is not enough license for vps_num” or something similar. Do the following 3 steps: Replace the file located at: /usr/local/lxlabs/hypervm/httpdocs/htmllib/phplib/lib/licenselib.php with this file. Run: cd /usr/local/lxlabs/hypervm/httpdocs/ Run: lphp.exe ./htmllib/lbin/getlicense.php Done!

SkyDrive Pro Critical Error

I recently started receiving the following error from SkyDrive Pro (not to be confused with the Free ‘SkyDrive’) after changing some hardware in my computer. I have Windows 8 Professional 64bit with Office 2013 Professional Plus. This solution will also work for users of Office365 [SkyDrive Pro Critical Error] SkyDrive Pro needs to close becuase […]

MacOSX boot0: error on Intel iHackintosh

Recently I mucked up my primary partition containing MacOSX. Thankfully I had a system backup of it stored on another partition on the same disk (thanks Time Machine!). I was able to successfully restore the partition by booting with my installation disc (iAtkos S3 V2 10.6.3, but you could use any), but I could not […]