90 Days of Vista – Day 90

My last few days looked like this:   Unfortunately, I was away on “1 Day to Go”, so I wasn’t able to get a screen grab, but I think you get the idea. My days of using Windows Live One Care, were over! Trust me, I celebrated! The inclusion of Windows Live OneCare in my […]

90 Days of Vista – Day 68

Get Better Graphics Performance So far I have managed to do a fair amount of complaining about Windows Vista. In particular, I have referred my quality of computer gaming, gone down the drain, due to the strain and drain that Windows Vista puts on my computer. Well campers, I found a solution to my problems […]

90 Days of Vista – Day 62

Last Night, Windows Live OneCare informed me that I was now rounding the last corner towards the home stretch. With the exception that mine said “30 Days” where the screen shot says 21 Days. I neglected to take a screen shot of my pop up (it was 11:30pm, and I was trying to watch the […]

90 Days of Vista – Day 20

A Few Annoying Bugs Why must FTP support always be crappy? No matter what version of Windows I use, whenever I put an FTP address into Explorer, in the username:password@hostname.tld/public_html/site/this/that/etc it always crashes the first time. That’s right. Even in Vista, it crashes the first time, and then when I try it the second time […]